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Monday, March 5, 2012

Soon-Wardrobe Refashions

I have seen the cutest summery dresses made from old tank tops and tee shirts, and either some fabric or a skirt, or the bottom of a dress. Since I have all these things, I'm ready to sew! But- I still can't find the cord for my camera to get the pics off my camera. I'm taking plenty of pics,though! Twin took me out and we went to a dollar bargain bin thrift store, and they had lots of things 4/1.00. These will go with things I already have, so besides my time for sewing, I should be able to make .50 dresses,lol.
I found this gorgeous refashion here at Made By Lex

check it out, she has a great tutorial, click that link above. this is what i plan to be stitching and taking pics of!
Now, I'm off, I need groceries and pay that light bill. damn thing comes every month, doesn't it?? lol That is, pay the light bill and see how much is leftover for groceries!


Diane in the Valley said...

Really cute idea. Hope you find your cord so we can see more pictures. And yes that damn light bill does come every month! LOL


Thats so nice! I really want to see more from you :)
and thanks for letting me know about your effort with my anthro's inspired cuff.. I would love to see that..please share any day & tell me!

Kudzu said...

I have to buy a new camera now that I'm starting to feel better again, Amazon has some good deals.

I gathered some things to make several kinds of cuffs, and I can't wait to get started, the first one I make will be your inspiration:)