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Friday, March 21, 2014

Making Faux Mercury Glass

I know I've been gone a couple years or so, but I'm back, and I found an easy tutorial to make the popular faux mercury glass. Isn't that pretty? Just like the antique glass.

                                                This is a close-up of mine-it takes a little over an hour to make, and that's drying time. I set a Mason jar inside the vase, because I'm not sure if the paint will flake off or not.

Now, let's make one, you'll need to gather these supplies:
1.) the glass you want to spray(it will be sprayed on the inside of the glass, that's why I chose this wide-mouth vase from Walmart for about $4 bucks (only because the local thrift store has been charging that much for their donated ones)
2.) Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint (it HAS to be this brand-it's the only kind that I know of)  it's about $12 at Walmart; there are more projects to make with this glass, and you may even want to make a whole set of votives or something :)
3.) a spray bottle
4.) vinegar (I used white vinegar)
5.) water
6.) paper towels

Put a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. I used 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/2 cup water mixed up in the spray bottle. Now, find the setting on the spray bottle that makes the finest, barest amount of the vinegar/water solution. Spray a few times to make sure. Now spray into the vase, just a light mist, just a few times. If it runs, pat the spot a little with your paper towel. Some runs will make it look authentic, though.
                                          Step 1.) the glass you want to paint.

 Now-spray the in the vase; it's a very runny paint that dries very fast. Dab at some spots inside your vase til it is to your liking-we're going to make 3-5 coats. Or as many as you like! Wait about 15 seconds. Now mist a little vinegar solution in the vase and pat it down; you can rub a little harder on some spots than others, as long as you're going to add another coat.

                                          Step 2.) You can see the fine mist of vinegar/water solution on the first coat of paint. Dab runs and various spots til it's the way you like it.

                                         This is what it'll look like after you dab away some vinegar solution on your second coat of paint.

                                              3.) Step 3.) This is another coat of vinegar solution and another coat of there!

                                                       Here's another close-up.

 Keep going til you're satisfied with the way your vase looks-and that's it! Let it dry about an hour and then you can put it on the table with flowers in it-and enjoy it!  I used a mason jar set inside my vase since I don't know how the paint would react to water. I'll experiment another day and find out!   Enjoy!

Here are some links I checked out before I made my vase.
  Thank You Anna and Ruth!!

Go make something!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Soon-Wardrobe Refashions

I have seen the cutest summery dresses made from old tank tops and tee shirts, and either some fabric or a skirt, or the bottom of a dress. Since I have all these things, I'm ready to sew! But- I still can't find the cord for my camera to get the pics off my camera. I'm taking plenty of pics,though! Twin took me out and we went to a dollar bargain bin thrift store, and they had lots of things 4/1.00. These will go with things I already have, so besides my time for sewing, I should be able to make .50 dresses,lol.
I found this gorgeous refashion here at Made By Lex

check it out, she has a great tutorial, click that link above. this is what i plan to be stitching and taking pics of!
Now, I'm off, I need groceries and pay that light bill. damn thing comes every month, doesn't it?? lol That is, pay the light bill and see how much is leftover for groceries!